(Next Stop Greenport, New York - May 24 - 28)
First of Three Races Completed for 2012 TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Series
Greenport, N.Y., Prepares for Memorial Day Weekend Maritime Festival.

Participating Ships:


HMS Bounty

Flag USA
Rig Full-rigged
Homeport Greenport, NY
Sparred Length 180′
LOD 120′
Draft 13′
Beam 32′
Rig Height 115′
Sail Area 10000 square feet
Tons 412 GRT
Power twin 375 John Deere diesels
Hull wood
HMS Bounty was built for the 1962 movie “Mutiny on the Bounty” by MGM Studios in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to tell the story of the famous maritime mutiny that occurred in the South Pacific in 1789. Now owned and operated by the HMS Bounty Organization LLC, she makes Greenport, Long Island, New York her homeport. In an effort to return Bounty to the condition of her Hollywood film days, the famous ship completed an extensive renovation from 2006-2007 in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. In 2011 she completed her 3rd trip to Europe including Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland and the U.K. The ship carries 18 full-time paid crewmembers working side by side with our sail trainees and passengers. When docked in port, the Bounty is open for dockside tours, private functions and educational programs. She offers day sails for individuals and groups, sail passages, and corporate sail training and is available for private functions, film production, commercials and documentaries. Strongly dedicated to the educational development of today’s youth, Bounty works closely with universities and other non-profit organizations to provide leadership learning and youth education-at-sea programs. The mission of the Bounty is to preserve the skills of square rigged sailing in conjunction with youth education and sail training.
Who Sails Individuals Under 25,
Adults (25 and over),
Individual Enrollment,
Other: students and groups of all ages
Program Type Professional/Paid Crew: Overnight Passages,
Professional/Paid Crew: Day Sails,
For Paying Trainees: Overnight Passages,
For Paying Trainees: Day Sails,
Passenger Trade: Overnight Passages,
Passenger Trade: Day Sails 
Affiliated Schools  
Affiliated Groups  
Cruising Waters: Summer East Coast US, Canada, Europe
Cruising Waters: Winter 
Season Year-round
Designer British Admiralty
Built 1960
Coast Guard Certification Other
Crew 18
Trainees & Passengers 12 day passages, 12 overnight
Contact Person Tracie Simonin, Director
Organization HMS Bounty Organization, LLC
Address 20 Cedar Lane
Setauket, NY 11733 US
Telephone 1 (631) 584-7900
Fax 631-471-2913
e-mail Tsimonin@tallshipbounty.org
Website www.tallshipbounty.org



Flag USA
Rig Schooner
Homeport Newport Beach, CA
Sparred Length 122′
LOA 78′
LOD 76′
LWL 72′
Draft 9′
Beam 23′
Rig Height 94′
Freeboard 5′
Sail Area 4669 square feet
Tons 94 GRT
Power Cat 3306B-290hp
Hull wood

The square topsail schooner Lynx has been designed and built to interpret the general configuration and operation of a privateer schooner or naval schooner from the War of 1812, the original Lynx being a “letter of marque” Baltimore Clipper commissioned during the opening days of the war. Serving effectively as a blockade-runner and offensive weapon of war, she was among the first ships to defend American freedom. Dedicated to all those who cherish the blessings of America, Lynx sails as a living history museum, providing inspiration and resolve at this time in our nation’s history. She is fitted with period ordnance and flies flags and pennants from the 1812 era. To complement her historic character, the Lynx crew members wear period uniforms and operate the ship in keeping with the maritime traditions of early 19th century America. Lynx also operates as a sail training vessel to serve as a classroom for the study of historical, environmental, and ecological issues. In addition, she undertakes “cruises of opportunity” that lead to personal growth and awareness through the experience of life at sea aboard a traditional sailing vessel. Lynx is operated by the Lynx Educational Foundation a non-profit 501-(c) (3) organization. 
Who Sails Elementary School,
Middle School,
High School,
Individuals Under 25,
Adults (25 and over),
Mainstream Admissions
Program Type For Paying Trainees: Overnight Passages,
For Paying Trainees: Day Sails,
Passenger Trade: Overnight Passages,
Passenger Trade: Day Sails 
Education Marine Science,
Maritime History,
Other: private charters, teambuilding 
Affiliated Schools  
Affiliated Groups  
Cruising Waters: Summer 
Cruising Waters: Winter 
Season Year-round
Designer Melbourne Smith
Built 2001
Coast Guard Certification Passenger Vessel (Subchapter T)
Crew 8
Trainees & Passengers 40 day passages, 6 overnight
Contact Person Jeffrey Woods, Director of Operations
Organization Lynx Educational Foundation
Address 509 29th Street
Newport Beach, CA 92663 US
Telephone 1 (866) 446-5969
Fax (949) 723-1958
e-mail privateerlynx1812@verizon.net
Website www.privateerlynx.org


Picton Castle

Flag Cook Islands
Rig Barque
Homeport Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
Sparred Length 179′
LOA 148′
LOD 135′
LWL 130′
Draft 14′ 6
Beam 24′
Rig Height 97′
Freeboard 6′
Sail Area 12,450 square feet
Tons 284 GRT
Power 690 HP diesel
Hull steel

The 284-ton Barque Picton Castle is a traditionally rigged and operated sail training ship based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, but best known for her voyages around the world. Over the past 15 years, the ship has made five voyages around the world, one around the Atlantic Ocean,two trips to the Great Lakes and countless other jaunts up and down the coasts of the U.S. and Canada. Along the way we’ve introduced more than 1000 people to the rewards of square-rigged sailing. In 2006, Tall Ships America (then ASTA) named us Sail Training Program of the Year. In 2011, our skipper, Capt. Daniel Moreland, was named Sail Trainer of the Year by Sail Training International. In October 2012, the Picton Castle will cast off on an all-new adventure, an 8-month exploration of the Pacific Ocean. Ports of call will include Grenada and Portobelo, Panama on the Atlantic Ocean, then after a transit of the famous Panama Canal it will be on to the Galapagos, Pitcairn Island, Mangareva, Tahiti, Bora Bora, the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga - to name just some of our stops! As a training ship all on board work, stand watch, and learn the ways of a square-rigged sailing ship. Workshops are conducted in wire and rope rigging, sail making, boat handling, navigation, and practical seamanship. The ship also delivers much-needed educational materials and other supplies to the remote islands she visits. She is outfitted to the highest standard with safety gear and equipment.
Who Sails Individual Enrollment,
Other: 18 and older for major voyages, 16 and up for shorter coastal voyages
Program Type For Paying Trainees: Overnight Passages 
Education In cooperation with accredited institutions,
In cooperation with other organized groups,
Marine Science,
Maritime History,
Other: Deep water sail training, arts of seafaring under sail 
Affiliated Schools  
Affiliated Groups  
Cruising Waters: Summer international
Cruising Waters: Winter international
Season Year-round
Designer Daniel Moreland, MM and Daniel Clacley, NA/ME
Built 1928
Coast Guard Certification Other: Sail Training Vessel for worldwide service
Crew 12
Trainees & Passengers 0 day passages, 40 overnight
Contact Person Barque PICTON CASTLE
Organization Barque PICTON CASTLE
Address PO Box 1076
Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0 CA
Telephone 1 (902) 634-9984
Fax 1 (902) 634-9985
e-mail info@picton-castle.com


Rig Square-Topsail Schooner
Homeport Baltimore, MD
Sparred Length 157′
LOA 105′
LOD 100′
LWL 91′
Draft 12′ 6
Beam 26′ 4
Rig Height 107′
Freeboard 4′ 4
Sail Area 9,018 square feet
Tons 97 GRT
Power 2-165 hp Caterpillar diesel engines
Hull wood

Pride of Baltimore II is a topsail schooner built to the lines of an 1812-era Baltimore Clipper. She is Maryland’s working symbol of the great natural resources and spectacular beauty of the Chesapeake Bay region and a reminder of America’s rich maritime heritage. Pride of Baltimore II’s mission is to educate the public on Maryland’s maritime history, tradition and commerce opportunities.

Pride of Baltimore II is available for charter and for dockside and sailing receptions in each of her destinations as well as public day sails. She can accommodate up to six paying passengers as “working guest crew” between ports of call. Pride of Baltimore II maintains an international sailing schedule. She sails with two rotating professional captains and a crew of eleven. Crew positions are open to qualified men and women sailors.

Pride of Baltimore II is operated by the 501(c)(3) non profit organization Pride of Baltimore, Inc.
Who Sails Mainstream Admissions
Program Type Passenger Trade: Overnight Passages,
Passenger Trade: Day Sails 
Education Other: economic development venue and goodwill ambassador for the State of Maryland and Maryland businesses 
Affiliated Schools 
Affiliated Groups 
Cruising Waters: Summer East Coast, Nova Scotia, Great Lakes and Europe
Cruising Waters: Winter 
Season Spring, Summer, Fall
Designer Thomas C. Gillmer
Built 1988
Coast Guard Certification Passenger Vessel (Subchapter T),
Crew 12
Trainees & Passengers 35 day passages, 6 overnight
Contact Person Linda E. Christenson, Esq., Executive Director
Organization Pride of Baltimore, Inc.
Address 1801 S. Clinton Street,
Suite 250
Baltimore, MD 21224 US
Telephone 1 (888) 557-7433
Fax 1 (410) 539-1190



Flag USA
Rig Schooner
Homeport Kings Point, NY
Sparred Length 101
LOA 79
LOD 78
LWL 67
Draft 10 
Beam 18 1/2
Rig Height 97
Freeboard 5
Sail Area 
Tons 54 GRT
Power 1 MAN 300HP Deisel powering twin hydraulic pods
Hull Wood




Summerwind was originally built in 1929 at the yard of C.A. Morse of Thomaston, ME. Following a long career on the east coast of the United States including service in the Coastal Picket Patrol during World War II, she was brought to the Med. where she operated as a passenger vessel for several decades. In 2007 she was repatriated to the United States where a complete two year rebuild was undertaken. After being relaunched in 2009, she was donated to the United States Merchant Marine Academy where she now serves as a sail training vessel for Midshipmen and flagship of the fleet.
Who Sails College
Program Type For Volunteer Crew and Trainees: Overnight Passages,
For Volunteer Crew and Trainees: Day Sails,
For Paying Trainees: Overnight Passages,
For Paying Trainees: Day Sails 
Education Fully accredited: Sail Training and Seamanship 
Affiliated Schools United States Merchant Marine Academy
Affiliated Groups  
Cruising Waters: Summer Coastal New England and Mid-Atalantic
Cruising Waters: Winter N/A
Season March-November
Designer John G. Alden
Built 1929
Coast Guard Certification Other: Merchant Marine Academy Training Vessel
Crew 2
Trainees & Passengers 20 day passages, 12 overnight
Contact Person CDR Chris Gasiorek, USMS/ Sailing Master/Dir of Waterfront Activities
Organization US Merchant Marine Academy
Department of Waterfront Activities, Yocum Sailing Center, 300 Steamboat
Kings Point, NY 11024 US
Telephone 1 (516) 726-6039
Fax 516-726-6034
e-mail gasiorekc@usmma.edu
Website www.usmma.edu/waterfront



Flag USA
Rig Schooner
Homeport Clinton, NJ
Sparred Length 118′
LOD 90′
LWL 83′
Draft 9′ 6
Beam 22′
Rig Height 96′
Freeboard 3′ 6
Sail Area 9688 square feet
Tons 98 GRT
Power 350 HP diesel 
Hull steel from German u-boats


From metals of old German submarines to majestic tall ship, STV Unicorn sails the sea with proven on-board leadership and development programs for teenage girls, executive women and in-tact executive teams. Holland built in 1947, STV Unicorn partners with Sisters Under Sail Corp. to deliver a non-profit leadership development program for teenage girls, whose mission is to build confidence, enhance self-esteem, develop social conscience and teach the value of sisters working together towards a common goal. The vessel welcomes young women from around the globe to sail aboard with Unicorn’s all-female professional crew. Unicorn also partners with BeamPines, Inc., a Human Resources Consulting Firm in New York City, to offer on-board executive development and team building programming. HR Consultants work closely with Unicorn’s crew to create an effective learning environment that drives results. Chart Your Course, an on-board women’s leadership program, is just one of the successful executive programs that has brought together executive women from Fortune 100 Companies to small business owners.
Who Sails Other: girls ages 13 - 21; women and executive men
Program Type 
Education Other: sail training for teenage girls, women, in-tact executive teams, private groups 
Affiliated Schools  
Affiliated Groups  
Cruising Waters: Summer Long Island Sound, New England
Cruising Waters: Winter 
Built 1947
Coast Guard Certification 
Crew 10
Trainees & Passengers 12 day passages, 6 overnight
Contact Person Dawn Santamaria
Organization Sisters Under Sail Corp.
Address 2 Gravel Hill Road
Asbury, NJ 08802 US
Telephone 1 (908) 713-1808
e-mail dawn@tallshipunicorn.com
Website www.sistersundersail.org


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